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Regular UAENA Membership – Php 960 + International SF
UAENA Plus Membership – Php 2,400 + International SF

International Shipping Fee (EMS) – 26,500 KRW or Php 1,275

*Additional custom tax/tariff, postage fee, misc fee will be charge to you upon delivery/pick-up and must be shouldered by the applicant.

Things to consider before joining.
1. Enough payment that must be paid on time. No Down-payment.
2. You should have a valid ID.
3. Your personal information is needed to apply. You must give your true and valid information.
4. We will only assist you on making your Melon Ticket Account and on how to join the official fanclub. In case that your package will be forwarded to a designated post office/customs, you should pick-up your package by yourself.
5. There is a possibility that your membership card and your MD/Lightstick might be directly to be shipped on your house, if that happens, please expect that they will still charge you the tax.
6. Cancellation is strictly prohibited.
7. It is not a lifetime membership and will only last until the next round of fanclub recruitment about 1 year later. If you do not renew your membership by paying again, you will automatically lose your membership.**

*Estimate conversion of Korean won to Philippine Peso
**Credits to IUteamstarcandy for details.
In collaboration with Cristina Kwon, we will choose three lucky Uaenas to have their own Official Fanclub Plus Membership application for free!

1. Must be a IU Philippines membership card holder.
2. Must agree to our “Things to Consider before joining” and “terms and conditions” (written in the form)

3. Must willing to join Daum Fancafe.

Complete Details/Terms & Conditions/Application Form: https://goo.gl/forms/JwtIttjAFouCstkr1


‘IU OFFICIAL FANCLUB’ membership giveaway for 3 Lucky PH Uaenas


1. Must be a IU Philippines Official Membership card holder (list: https://goo.gl/AvSpEY )
2. Contributed any amount/heart in our fansupport project.
3. Chosen winners must willing to create an account in daum and they should give the required personal and shipping details.
4. If chosen, they should agree that once the package arrived, any additional charge, custom tax, postage fee must be shouldered by the applicant. The sponsor will only pay for the membership and EMS shipping fee.

Winners will be chosen on August 4, Friday.


2 thoughts on “[ OFFICIAL IU FANCLUB APPLICATION ] + [‘IU OFFICIAL FANCLUB’ membership giveaway]

  1. Rose Anne Santos

    I hope that I will be one of the lucky uaenas here in Philippines because Im still a students and still can’t afford to register in the official membership of IU. Thank You and God Bless Maenas ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    • secretlyheyngry

      Hi! Thank you for participating. I just reposted this from the IU PH Page. The giveaway was held in 2017 so I think they already have a winner. Keep joining on giveaways and never give up coz you might not know when you will win. Hwaiting! Godbless you too ❤


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